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Here’s the latest MyFreedomSmokes coupon codes, discounts and promos for 2017.

New customers use NEWMFS15 for a 15% discount

MyFreedomSmokes has updated their website once more, this time lightening it up a little. The color scheme has always been a little dark and not to my taste, but some of their scrolling features are bright enough to soften the atmosphere. They never needed to update their pricing policies, however: MyFreedomSmokes is one of the top stops for one-stop, low-cost e cig shopping.

Wide Variety At

The MyFreedomSmokes catalogue contains listings for fairly new vapers, some items suited to people a little further into the vaping lifestyle, and advanced products. Their headings distinguish brands, new items, bundles, tanks, batteries, mods, replacement parts, e juice, DIY juice supplies, and deals.

Headings above these shopping categories take viewers to an “about us” section, tips and information, customer service, warranty and returns, FAQs, contact details, their blog, and a page for wholesalers. There is a lot to browse and to learn. I love the way this website has been laid out, even if their brown and black motif has never been my favorite. Management has also posted several video tutorials.

Brands at MyFreedomSmokes Available With Coupons

Search for Eleaf, Sigelei, and Smok; MyFreedomSmokes, Vision, or Aspire; Compvape, Limitless, and Council of Vapor gear. This is an excellent website feature if you know something about brands already or have always been curious about a particular label or manufacturer. All are available with coupon codes.

New at MyFreedomSmokes

This is an ever-changing page but current listings are the RDNA40 Box Mod by VaporShark and a colored skin in pink, black, purple, or blue. They have the Lush RDA by Wotofo, ISub Apex by Innokin, Limitless Atty RDA, and Asige Eiffel T1 165W TC Mod with wireless charging. There are quite a few items found in this section, a few already sold out as noted in a red circle at the top-right of the picture.

Sales and Deals: Getting MyFreedomSmokes Discount

A lot of deals are posted in the regular categories, so you will stumble upon those by accident. Hone in on them by visiting this section for the latest offers and coupon codes. Items shown here aren’t “seconds” or “flawed” but stock that has to be moved along so as to make room for new products.

Starter Kits and Bundles

These are further divided between eGo and Mod types of kits. Kanger is strongly represented as are Innokin and JoyeTech. A SMPL Troll and VTC4 Bundle costs as little as $57.80 but is customizable and could cost more. MyFreedomSmokes builds some of their own kits besides sets sent to them pre-packaged by major manufacturers. They provide other bundle customization options too, which are also available with coupon codes.

Tanks and RBAs

Again, MyFreedomSmokes wants customers to enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience so they sub-divide items in this category too. Select eGo or 510 tanks, subohm tanks, RDAs and RBAs, and replacement parts. They also list cartridges/cartomizers.

We will head right to the subohm section since this is a hot category right now. MyFreedomSmokes is currently selling the Kanger Subtank series, Aspire Atlantis, Innokin ISub tank, and ModVapa Sub2 MK1 at sale prices.

They have other Aspire items (Triton and Atlantis Mega BVC), and Innokin ISub G Tank and Apex, plus the Black Subtank Plus+ by Kanger. Pricing is excellent: if you find things seen here for less anywhere else, the margin of difference will probably be very small.

Batteries and Mods

The same goes for eGos, mods, and mod batteries. Box mods like the Sigelei 100W, Kanger KBox, IPV Mini 2 70W, and Cherry Bomber clone are all affordably priced. MyFreedomSmokes lists assorted mechanical mod clones and authentic items such as a SMPL clone for $23.95, the COV Kindred V2 priced $89.95, and assorted items by Limitless at varying prices.

You can also buy cigalike batteries and disposable e cig pens here. There is the JoyeTech 510 and Innokin A10 510 to help newbies get their feet wet.

E Juice

The list here is huge and broken three ways: Premium, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol e liquids. Their labels include I Love Donuts, Mod Fuel, Smax, and Space Jam. MyFreedomSmokes Premium PG and Subjuices are house liquids.

Pick out a MyFreedomSmokes juice by flavor subcategory: desserts, drinks, mint & menthol, candy, etc. Their Premium PG product costs just $4.99 for 10 ml and up to $129.99 for 500 ml with 0 to 48 mg of nicotine (the last one great for mixing, not for vaping straight up). Flavors include apricot, beer, caramel macchiato, cream soda, and honeydew melon.

More Features of MyFreedomSmokes With Coupon Codes

We could talk about every item they sell at MyFreedomSmokes and this would become a tedious list: you might as well visit their website if you want the full scoop. I would rather highlight some of the features I like best about this company and any negatives that arise. I will start with the single low point: their free shipping threshold. You have to spend $75 to receive free shipping which is a little high (this is $50 at Mt Baker Vapor).

The rest of my review is positive. Images are bright and clear. Pricing is great. Selection is considerable and stock levels appear to be pretty good.

MyFreedomSmokes is socially connected so you can find out more about the company, connect with the people who work there, and stay abreast of promotions. They offer a 10% discount to new customers who sign up for their e-newsletter which also supplies them with news about upcoming deals and events.

The store offers loyalty points to be used in exchange for products. MyFreedomSmokes started out in 2008, so they are one of the pioneers in online vape sales; a trustworthy name with lots of customer corroboration available online. Get coupon codes for MyFreedomSmokes at the top of this page.